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Friday, June 14, 2024




ETC-enabled vehicles in HCMC increase

HCMC – After a month of launching electronic toll collection (ETC) in the city, the number of vehicles using the service has risen, according...

Toll-fee account to be upgraded to e-wallet

HCMC – The Ministry of Transport has authorized two electronic toll collection (ETC) service providers to transform their customers' toll-fee accounts into e-wallets for...

Vehicle registration rule does not require ETC tags

HCMC – There is no prevailing regulation requiring vehicles to have an electronic toll collection (ETC) tag upon registration or periodical inspection, according to...

Multiple vehicles found to have more one ETC tag

HCMC – The Directorate for Roads has said multiple vehicles have been found to have more than one electronic toll collection (ETC) tag. A working...

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