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weak demand

A daunting path ahead

Manufacturers are prepping for the peak sales season, traditionally a period marked by surging demand. However, even as signs of a nascent recovery emerge, an air of uncertainty lingers, casting shadows over the prospects of the upcoming peak sales season. Manufacturers grapple with the disconcerting possibility that this peak might not be as robust as they had anticipated. Concerns mount amid dwindling demand Recent market observations have revealed a lackluster performance in both production and trade, casting a shadow over businesses as they grapple with the intricacies of supply and demand dynamics. While glimmers of order recovery have surfaced, numerous challenges loom large in the minds of manufacturers. Over the past weekend, the Lien Chieu Industrial Park was the site of hundreds of SSLV Da Nang Company workers staging protests amid fears of the company’s impending closure. SSLV Da Nang’s confirmation of financial difficulties stemming from a dearth of orders culminated in its dissolution on December 3, leaving more than 500 employees jobless. Another textile firm in Binh Dinh Province, in operation for just over two years, succumbed to a protracted dearth of production orders, accruing losses of VND7 billion. The scarcity of orders, coupled with the inability to bear […]
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