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A home away from home

The Saigon Times

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They say that life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. This sentiment rings especially true for those who venture to a new country in search of fresh opportunities, like Micka Chu, who has been living and working in Vietnam for nearly seven years and has found her new home here. The Saigon Times: What inspired you to move to Vietnam? Mika Chu: When comparing the lifestyles in Vietnam, Russia, and France, I believe the Vietnamese lifestyle can be summed up by the Vietnamese traffic, which is like organized chaos. At first glance, it may seem like there are no rules on the streets, but in reality, there are. You just need to immerse yourself in the mayhem to truly understand it. Despite the chaos, there is a sense of peace, and people move at a leisurely pace. I would also add that it takes time to uncover the different nuances here. It might be overwhelming initially, but the more opportunities you give yourself to explore Vietnam, the more you will want to learn. Another aspect I appreciate in Vietnam is the way people use smiles. I believe it’s something the world should take note of. How long […]
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