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A potential gateway to ASEAN market

The Saigon Times

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Despite the absence of geographical proximity, the Vietnam – Belarus relationship presents an intriguing example of how nations with diverse backgrounds and interests can discover shared interests in an interconnected world. In an interview with The Saigon Times, Ruslan Varankou, Consul General of Belarus in HCMC, discusses the vision driving the Vietnam – Belarus relationship forward in today’s world. The Saigon Times: Could you provide some background on the recent establishment of the Consulate General of Belarus in HCMC?Ruslan Varankou: Belarus established its first diplomatic mission in HCMC. In 1997, it was transformed into the Embassy of Belarus in Hanoi. Therefore, the recent establishment of a fully functional Consulate General of Belarus in HCMC represents a significant step. The reasons behind this decision are quite evident. First, there are the long-standing friendly relations between Belarus and Vietnam, dating back to the Soviet period. Second, HCMC’s economic growth in recent years has contributed up to 22% of Vietnam’s GDP, making it the most attractive spot for the development of economic cooperation. Third, the establishment of the Consulate General of Belarus in HCMC will provide the same level of attention to southern Vietnam, including trade, economic, and humanitarian interaction at both inter-regional […]
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