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A trek up Vi Ba Mountain

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Vi Ba Mountain, also known as Lon (Big) Mountain, Vung Tau City, is ideal for trekkers. All along the trek are peaceful views with beaches on one side and cliffs on the other.

More than 100 kilometers from HCMC and 245 meters above sea level, Vi Ba Mountain—better known as Nui Lon (Big Mountain) in contrast with its smaller counterpart Small Mountain—is preferred by amateur trekkers and cyclists, locals and visitors alike. The best walking time should be from 5 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Tourists may park their vehicles at houses and eateries at the foot of the mountain. The higher you climb, the less crowded it becomes as houses were replaced by trees shadowing the whole path. The serene view is livelier with sounds of birds singing, sea winds blowing and people chit-chatting.

A path leading to Vi Ba Mountain Peak lined by age-old trees

When getting halfway to the mountain peak, travelers begin to see the panoramic view of the sea. The location said to be the most beautiful spot on the way is also favored by yoga lovers. From there, you can see Truoc and Sau beaches—which are associated respectively with Big Mountain and Small Mountain—and the blue sea dotted with boats.

The sky and the sea seem to merge into oneness when the sun sends out its first rays of the day. Meanwhile, at dawn, sunlight is less strong, which together with lights from fishing boats forms a picturesque scene. Taking a rest, feeling the wind blowing softly against your face and admiring the spectacular scenery will help trekkers reduce fatigue and later continue the journey to the peak.

Bo De and Tam Bao are the two pagodas travelers will see on the way. Especially, Tam Bao Pagoda is also home to flocks of monkeys that always wait for food from people. However, beware of your food because the bold primates will try to steal yours.

A panoramic view seen from Vi Ba Mountain

Additionally, street food stalls on the way will satisfy your hunger. Tourists may take a seat under a tree to enjoy both local street dishes and the beautiful beaches beneath.

The final 400-meter section of the path to the peak is steeper and more zigzag. Yet when the wide open sea and its sky are by your side, they will never let you down.

Dawn or dust, whenever you go trekking to Vi Ba Mountain, you can feel peace of mind and stay closer to nature.

By My Xuan

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