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AB InBev, FTU jointly promote responsible drinking

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – Beer company Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has coordinated with the Foreign Trade University (FTU) to organize the “In Your Eyes 2022” contest to promote responsible drinking.

As a leading brewer in the world, AB InBev is committed to encouraging a culture of responsible drinking among its customers. AB InBev always believes that people should never drive under the influence (DUI).

A World Health Organization report shows that Vietnamese people’s consumption of alcoholic drinks in 2018 was much higher than many other countries in the region.

To reduce the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, the “responsible drinking” message has been increasingly promoted in society over the past year.

The prejudices against people, especially men, about alcohol are now very negative. Besides, beer has long been an indispensable tool to measure the level of masculinity. Many people still assume that a man who wants to achieve success must know how to drink lots of beer.

Such rigid gender stereotypes have forced people into doing inappropriate things.

On the occasion of the LGBTQ+ community’s pride month this June, AB InBev and FTU jointly hosted the “In Your Eyes” contest to eliminate outdated gender prejudices and spread the culture of responsible drinking.

AB InBev representatives shared the brewer’s global environmental, social, and governance strategies with FTU students, such as sustainable agriculture, water management, packaging recycling, entrepreneurship, climate, and responsible drinking, to help Vietnamese young people better understand the role of alcoholic drinks in their lives and confidently express themselves.

At the Gala night, five groups of students that entered the finale and others presented their ideas on responsible drinking. They also put forward their ideas and proposals, conveying the message, “No matter what gender you are, please be responsible while drinking.”

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