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ACB ONE PRO – Optimal financial solution for medium and large enterprises

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The process of digitalization at firms is making great strides after the pandemic, enabling banks to launch top-notch online financial products. To meet the rising demand of customers, aside from its ACB ONE BIZ solution geared up for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), ACB has debuted the ACB ONE PRO digital banking version aimed at serving medium and large firms with various optimal functions based on studies into clients’ specific demands. This is seen as a perfect puzzle piece of the ACB ONE system, which provides customers with a wide diversity of financial products.

Urgent demand for enterprise digitalization

An annual report on enterprise digitalization in 2021 released by the Ministry of Planning and Investment showed that 43% of companies had started digital transformation and looked for electronic transaction solutions. As for import-export firms, 35.5% were seeking cross-border payment solutions. The high demand of enterprise digitalization has driven up the launch of widespread digital banking in Vietnam. According to global management consulting firm McKinsey, Vietnam’s banking sector has the fastest pace of digital banking application in the region, surging to 82% in 2021 from 41% in 2015.

Many local banks have promptly grasped this chance by applying the latest technologies to their services to attract clients, not only offering high-quality solutions but also forming a service and product ecosystem. For example, ACB has been turning its digital banking brand ACB ONE into an ecosystem that can meet all demands of all customer segments.

In July this year, the ACB ONE BIZ solution for SMEs upgraded its brand identity, along with cutting-edge technology, focusing on the optimal experience for smartphone users. After using it, customers said that its availability on websites and smartphones allows them to easily conduct and control transactions. Besides, there were few errors with the money transfer service using a QR code, while customers could quickly get access to lists of savings and borrowing accounts, helping them well manage cash flow.

However, for large-sized enterprises that have a sophisticated regime of decentralization with a huge number of transactions, and high security requirements, a more convincing answer is needed. Therefore, the optimal solution that ACB provides to this audience is ACB ONE PRO, officially launched on August 8, 2022.

ACB ONE PRO – Optimal digitalization solution for giants

The launch of different digital banking versions for customer segments shows that ACB attaches much importance to customers’ experience and satisfaction while providing digitalization solutions. At ACB, customer experience is put first. ACB ONE PRO features multiple advanced functions and is geared towards major firms active in the production, distribution, e-commerce, transport, investment and import-export fields.

ACB ONE PRO offers all common transaction needs as money transfer, salary payment, Forex trading, telegraphic transfer and so on. In addition, ACB ONE PRO is also upgraded with in-depth features on transaction monitoring, allowing the segmentation of users based on different criteria, the amount of money, transaction purposes and accounts or or any complex requirements of the business.

For instance, as for the salary payment function, enterprises can have their human resource management integrated in the solution to make it easier for control and supervision. Furthermore, ACB ONE PRO also allows groups which regularly conduct many projects concurrently to manage and use the accounts of their subsidiaries on the same user interface. Only ACB ONE PRO has these top-notch functions.

“As for medium and large enterprises with a complex diffusion of control power and high demand for huge transactions, modern technology is not enough to help them thrive. Specially, digital products must be suitable to their goals, and help them optimize business operations and guarantee security. Users do not need to conduct complicated steps or have knowledge about technology as ACB ONE PRO is designed to make their transactions more convenient and easier. ACB has a team of counselors working round the clock to support customers,” said an ACB representative.

ACB ONE PRO helps optimize financial management, contributing to boosting the development of enterprises in the digital era.

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