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Advocating responsible tourism for sustainability

By Dat Thanh

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Wildlife tourism, as reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, constitutes 7% of global tourism, with a minimum estimated value of US$37 billion. In Africa, an astounding 80% of annual tourism revenue is derived from wildlife observation. However, the swift growth of tourism also poses the risk of environmental degradation. The costs of rapid expansion Data from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) reveal that Vietnam has experienced an explosive rise in visitor numbers since welcoming its first million international tourists in 1994. By 2019, Vietnam had attracted 18 million international tourists and 85 million domestic tourists. The tourism industry in Vietnam has consistently maintained double-digit growth, positioning the country among the six nations with the fastest-growing tourism sectors globally. During a workshop aimed at promoting the conservation of wild species and environmental protection through responsible tourism on September 27, Hoang Hoa Quan, deputy head of the Tourism Management Department at VNAT, highlighted the potential benefits of tourism development. He emphasized that tourism can significantly enhance communication efforts regarding the value of national parks, conservation areas, and landmarks by amplifying their unique attributes through a ripple effect. Tourism revenue can be channeled to support conservation initiatives, raise awareness […]
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