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AEON promotes Vietnamese agricultural products

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HCMC – The first batch of fresh Vietnamese lychees exported to Japan is being sold at 250 AEON General Merchandise Stores & Supermarkets and AEON Style stores across Japan.

The fresh lychees were shipped by air from the end of May to the end of June without freezing to ensure the quality and taste of the product remain intact. AEON’s customers in Japan can enjoy the fruit during the right season at the freshest taste.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant effect on imports and exports but AEON strove to promptly purchase and export of Vietnamese lychees.

Besides lychees, many other special Vietnamese agricultural products such as mangoes, dragon fruits and coffee are being exported and sold across AEON’s supermarkets in Japan since 2015.

Since December 2019 after the import restriction on Vietnam’s fruits was lifted, the first batches of fresh Vietnamese lychees have been exported to Japan. AEON is the first retailer to sell this fruit to Japanese consumers.

The successful export and distribution of Vietnamese agricultural products across AEON’s retail system in Japan are the result of the efforts of companies under the AEON Group in Vietnam.

AEON has cooperated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to organize activities in support of Vietnamese suppliers to improve the quality of domestic products exported to foreign markets, especially Japan.

In 2017, the total export turnover of Vietnamese products through the AEON system reached some US$250 million, in 2018, it reached US$330 million, in 2019, US$370 million and in 2020, it aims to reach US$450 million.

By Le Hoang

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