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Ambassador of Switzerland expresses the utmost pride during visit to Sika – A precious Swiss gem to Vietnamese market

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Sika Vietnam’s factory in Nhon Trach was honored by the visit of Ambassador of Switzerland Thomas Gass and delegation on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company’s resilient development.

Mr. Thomas Gass, Ambassador of Switzerland to Vietnam, was impressed with Sika Vietnam’s modern manufacturing lines, its competent operation, and the resilient working spirit when he visited the Sika Vietnam plant in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai Province. He was joined by Mr. Werner Bardill, Consul General of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City.

This high-profile visit was one of the activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sika’s establishment and development in the Vietnamese market. The series of activities was organized on a massive scale, featuring an exhibition titled “30-year Journey of Resilience to Building Trust – Beyond the Expected” with more than 300 guests from across the country, held at the Reunification Palace on March 18.

The Sika Vietnam factory was established on July 12, 1996. It was seen as a notable Sika milestone at the time, demonstrating the company’s long-term commitment to the Vietnamese market. The construction of the factory had helped to optimize production costs, improve the capacity to market demand in a timely and efficient manner, and generate opportunities for local workers.

Inside the Sika Nhon Trach factory, Dong Nai

The plant is designed with functional sections for manufacturing, laboratories, management office facilities, inventory, and, most importantly, the Research and Development Center of the Asia Pacific region. Here, Sika’s engineers are professionally trained to research distinctive and sophisticated construction solutions that are available not only for the Vietnamese market but also for other nations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Visiting Sika’s factory, the Ambassador – Mr. Thomas Gass – highly appreciated the investment in scale, application of high technology and especially the focus on safety for the workforce. “In the past few months, I have visited different factories, but Sika Vietnam left me with a strong impression because of the detailed safety regulations, strict enforcement, that has become the culture of the company,” Mr. Thomas Gass said. In addition, the representative of Sika Vietnam further said that any visitors or employees entering the production area are equipped with reflective vests, goggles and helmets and are required to strictly comply with the safety regulations to avoid any unexpected risks.

The delegation is entering the production and warehouse area of the factory

When asked about what impressed him the most during his recent visit, Mr. Gass did not hesitate to confide: “There are many Sika products that can no longer be seen in a project after it is completed, but if the engineers omitted to include them during construction, there will be a problem of solidity, durability or waterproofing later on. One example is the Sika Waterbar® waterproof tape , which was presented to me today. Even though the presence of these Sika products is discrete, the effect they bring is beyond the expected, ensuring the durability and solidity of the project.”

Up to now, the Sika Nhon Trach plant has created numerous products with extraordinarily high productivity, international quality standards, and satisfying all market demands for over 26 years of stable operation. The Sika Nhon Trach Factory is regarded as one of the “living witnesses” of Sika Vietnam’s 30-year Journey of Resilience Building Trust – Beyond the Expected.

Mr. Jacobo Perez Polaino – Sika Vietnam General Manager – is sharing with the delegation about how the factory operates

Sika Vietnam has spread nationwide from the North, Central, to the South over the last 30 years with more than 300 workers and 5,000 companions, boasting three core values and a strong spirit of resilience. These values include: “Proven Quality” via various projects which Sika has participated in; “Sustainability” by sustainable improvements of many solutions, with a notable highlight when Sika joins the Government’s commitment to reduce net emissions to “0” by 2050. Finally, “Global but Local Partnership” is a value that allows Sika to constantly meet the requirements of customers and solve many construction dilemmas.

The Sika Vietnam team poses for a group photo with the Swiss Ambassador and the delegation

This visit offered an opportunity for the Swiss delegation to have a better understanding of Sika Vietnam’s 30-year journey and contributions to the country’s growth. “Very Proud! Sika is a representative of what Switzerland wants to bring to Vietnam, which is professionalism in construction and solutions towards more sustainable building,” the Ambassador of Switzerland said of what impressed him most when a business from Switzerland has resiliently contributed to the Vietnamese market for a long time.

At the end of the visit, Mr. Thomas Gass highly appreciated Sika Vietnam’s contributions over the past 30 years, which have continuously strengthened and deepened the special friendship between Vietnam and Switzerland. He also believed in Sika Vietnam’s journey of “Building Trust – Beyond the Expected” in the future through “the DNA of resilience” that the brand has built and maintained over the past 30 years.

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