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An Khe Lagoon – A pristine natural gem

By Dang Huy

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An Khe Lagoon, the largest in Quang Ngai Province, offers visitors a chance to bask in the beauty of a picturesque sunset, connect with nature, and savor life’s serene moments.

Located along the Sa Huynh coast of Duc Pho Town, bordering Pho Khanh and Pho Thanh communes, An Khe Lagoon boasts a sprawling 347-hectare water surface. It stretches for 3.5 kilometers in length and spans a width of one kilometer. The lagoon is a year-round water body, with a maximum depth of around four meters, creating an ideal habitat for diverse aquatic species.

For over a thousand years, An Khe has played a vital role in the local ecosystem, forming an integral part of Sa Huynh’s unique natural landscape. This region also holds a significant archaeological site featuring numerous jar burials and artifacts from ancient cultures, adding to its historical and cultural value. With its exceptional charm, An Khe Lagoon has become a beloved destination for tourists seeking to host barbeque parties, indulge in overnight camping, and savor the tranquility of nature.

The serene landscape of An Khe Lagoon

Beyond its historical and cultural significance, the areas surrounding An Khe Lagoon are brimming with natural and cultural treasures. Duc Pho Town is evolving into an alluring tourist hotspot, boasting stunning coastal landscapes, pristine beaches, and national historical landmarks. Vung Bang Beach, a short distance from the lagoon, features striking dark gray rock formations beneath the azure sea, contrasting beautifully with the golden sandy shores. To the southeast lies Bo Mountain, home to a perennial stream that winds through the forest before flowing into the sea.

The best time to visit An Khe Lagoon is from December to June, when the weather is sunny and pleasant—perfect for camping adventures. To further promote tourism in An Khe Lagoon and throughout Quang Ngai, the Quang Ngai Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism collaborates with the People’s Committee of Duc Pho Town to organize captivating festivals.

These festivals include food expos and boat races, making for a lively atmosphere. During the Tet holiday, the region comes alive with vibrant celebrations, providing an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the festivities, explore Sa Huynh’s cultural heritage, and savor traditional local delicacies.

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