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Ba Ria-Vung Tau: High-tech Agriculture and Sustainable Development Goals

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For many years, the application of high technology in agriculture has created a significant breakthrough for the agricultural sector in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. The province encourages and creates conditions for investors and producers to apply new technologies in order to create safe products for both consumer health and the environment.

Positive developments

With favorable conditions in terms of climate, soil fertility, coupled with attention and prioritized development, agriculture in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, especially in the high-tech agricultural sector, has made significant contributions to the province’s economic development.

From an agriculture primarily conducted manually and lacking infrastructure for production, the agricultural landscape of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province has started to see positive transformations since the province’s administration implemented Project 04-DA/TU on the development of agriculture applying high technology in 2017. Following that, the 7th Party Congress Resolution for the term 2020-2025 identified high-tech agriculture as one of the strengths for the province’s economic development.

Decision No.600/QD-UBND, issued in March 2023, continues to outline the goal of developing agriculture by applying high technology to contribute to the comprehensive and modern development of the province’s agricultural sector. The aim is to turn out large quantities of farm produce with high productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness, but at the same time still adapting to climate change and protecting the environment.

For the goal of sustainable development

Currently, there are two areas recognized as high-tech agricultural zones for shrimp farming covering an area of 303.5 hectares in Loc An Commune, Dat Do District, and high-tech pepper cultivation in Hoa Hoi and Hoa Hiep communes, Xuyen Moc District. Looking ahead to 2025, the province plans to establish three more high-tech agricultural zones, including a pepper production area in Chau Duc District, a pig farming area in Chau Duc District, and a fruit tree production area in Phu My town.

It is known that the technologies applied to agricultural production in the province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, besides aiming to increase productivity and reduce labor, also focus on creating products that are safe for consumer health and have minimal impact on the environment. Notable technologies include greenhouse cultivation, net houses, advanced water-saving irrigation systems combined with automatic nutrient regulation, hydroponic technology, etc., applied in the production of leafy vegetables, fruit trees, industrial crops, flowers, edible mushrooms, etc. Other technologies such as refrigerated barn systems, the use of biological fertilizers, the application of biological padding in livestock farming, the use of imported parent breeds, etc., are employed in livestock farming. The use of closed-loop water sources, modern water filtration systems, Israel’s farming control and management techniques, and the 03-clean process are also applied in the aquaculture sector.

The high-tech mushroom production model of Hai Nam Mushroom Company Limited in Tan Hoa Commune

The achievements of the agricultural sector in Ba Ria – Vung Tau are also evident in the long list of products recognized under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program. As of July 2023, the entire province had had 91 distinctive agricultural products from 45 entities recognized as OCOP products with ratings of three stars or higher. All OCOP products are produced according to ISO, Viet GAP, food safety and hygiene standards; they have received HACCP certification, and their products are traceable. The goal by 2025 is to have at least 150 OCOP products meeting the standards of three stars or above throughout the province.

The research and development department of Hoa Long Mushroom Farm Company focuses on developing and improving processes to create a variety of high-quality products

There is still a significant potential for the development of the agricultural sector in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Currently, the province is focusing on establishing agricultural production zones in Chau Duc, Xuyen Moc, Phu My, and Dat Do. Meanwhile, it is fine-tuning preferential policies and encouraging investment in agricultural projects that apply high technology. The province continues to emphasize selective and strategic investment attraction, promoting projects that involve modern agricultural technology, high value-added, minimal reliance on labor and resources, and environmental sustainability.

For the period 2026 – 2030, the province will rearrange agricultural functional zones and ecological balance in the northern and northeastern areas, encompassing districts such as Dat Do, Xuyen Moc, and Chau Duc. This region aims to simultaneously develop the economy, stabilize the rural population, increase green coverage density, and protect freshwater sources. The area is oriented towards the development of ecological agriculture, organic farming, and sustainable development, integrating ecological agriculture with tourism development.

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