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Ban Ba Waterfall – A cool retreat from summer heat

By Dang Huy

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Ban Ba Waterfall stands tall as one of northern Vietnam’s most majestic natural wonders. Featuring three continuous tiers of cascading water, this waterfall absolutely captivates visitors seeking a rugged wilderness escape from the summer heat during weekend getaways.

Nestled on the slopes of Phieng Khang Mountain in Trung Ha Commune, Chiem Hoa District, Ban Ba Waterfall is 70 kilometers from Tuyen Quang City. Protected within a pristine forest and vigilantly guarded by forest rangers, the waterfall boasts a perpetually fresh and cool atmosphere year-round. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, Ban Ba Waterfall showcases three distinct tiers: Tat Cum, Tat Cao, and Tat Gio, alongside numerous smaller waterfalls in its vicinity.

Together, they create picturesque landscapes that captivate all who venture to behold them. Tat Cum marks the initial tier, with its base known as Dragon Abyss, where cliffs take on the appearance of rolling dragons. Tat Cao, the second tier, is hailed as the most picturesque within Ban Ba Waterfall,with its waters gracefully dividing into two streams akin to silk ribbons traversing mountainous terrain. Lastly, Tat Gio serves as the final tier in the waterfall’s three-tier structure, and is renowned as the most challenging to conquer. Located between these tiers are smaller waterfalls ranging from five to seven meters in height, as well as cool, refreshing ponds.

Visitors enjoy boat rides at the plunge pool of Ban Ba Waterfall – PHOTO: BAN BA WATERFALL ECO-TOURISM AREA

In addition to exploring Ban Ba Waterfall, visitors can wander through ancient forests adorned with centuries-old trees and rare woods. Lush fields thrive year-round at the waterfall’s area, enhancing the poetic natural scenery.

Each season unveils its own unique beauty at the waterfall. However, the best times to visit the place are summer and fall when upstream water surge into the waterfall, creating a magnificent cascade of white foam. The weather during these seasons is refreshingly cool, ideal for engaging in various outdoor activities.

Visitors are encouraged to dedicate at least one day to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Ban Ba Waterfall and experience the cultural richness of the Tay and Dao ethnic minority groups in the area. Accommodation services are available, allowing guests to embark on treks around the waterfall, partake in photography sessions, bathe at each tier’s plunge pool, enjoy picturesque picnics amidst mountain and forest landscapes, partake in campfires, and savor local delicacies.

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