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Basket boats and woven mats

By Hai Duong

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Phu Yen is a coastal province in the central region of Vietnam famous for fishing, and the farmers here make basket boats, a.k.a. bamboo boats or coracles, for themselves to go offshore.

In the province’s Tuy An District, it is easy to see basket boats left along the roads. The boats are made by hand using many processes that require high precision.

In addition, Tuy An is also famous for sedge mat weaving. People grow sedge plants in a large area and from July to September, sedge is harvested for weaving mats.

The craft of making basket boats and sedge mat weaving has so far helped the locals get a stable source of income.

Basket boats are dried in the sun along the roads in An Dan Commune, Tuy An District
Workers waterproof the boat using a kind of oil, helping either protect the spokes or color the boat
The inside of the basket boat is also coated with a similar oil
People harvest sedge in An Cu Village, Tuy An District
The sedge fibers are dyed and put into the cutter to weave mats
On his day off, a boy helps dry mats
Mats are dried in the sun
The edge of the sedge mat being sewn
Weaving a sedge mat
An An Cu sedge mat is made

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