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Since its establishment in 2001, Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) has launched a variety of charitable programs in various fields like education, science, society and agriculture to benefit the community. The firm has reached out to multiple regions, including far-flung parts, of the country to support the needy.

“The software park has attached great importance to community activities since its inception,” said Lam Nguyen Hai Long, director of QTSC. The social activities towards education, career orientation and support for startups are the firm’s priorities, he added.

Contribution to IT education

Vietnam’s information technology (IT) growth is ranked among the world’s Top Five, so the demand for IT employees and specialists is accelerating. Meanwhile, as some countries in the region such as Singapore and Japan are facing a shortage of IT personnel resources, they are increasingly recruiting IT workers from Vietnam, sparking intense competition for talent.

To meet the recruitment demand of employers at home and abroad, QTSC established IT Workforce Solution Center in 2016 providing IT juniors and seniors with free training courses.

The establishment of the center, one of the firm’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, has partially helped address the labor shortage faced by multiple members of the Vietnam IT Outsourcing Alliance (VNITO Alliance) and acted as a bridge linking training facilities and IT employers.

After finishing their training courses, participating students will be called for job interviews by VNITO Alliance members.

QTSC and other co-founders of IT Workforce Solution Center always hope to introduce effective and practical solutions to improve the quality of training and the skills and experience for students.

Ngo Van Toan, vice chairman of VNITO Alliance, which is a co-founder of the center, said that IT Workforce Solution Center would be a special and modern laboratory that helps equip IT engineers who still lack experience and practical skills to prepare them for the future career.

QTSC has also established QTSC Foundation to help remote areas nationwide gain an easy access to IT. Through the foundation’s program with the theme “Old Computers-New Knowledge,” the foundation donated 15 sets of computers to Mang Thit District in the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long last year. Earlier, in December 2018, the foundation delivered 40 sets of used computers to communes and schools in Ca Mau Province. Before being handed over, these computers had been fixed and upgraded by QTSC and its partners.

A representative of QTSC gives 15 sets of used computers to representatives of Mang Thit District in Vinh Long Province

In addition, QTSC has also operated an incubation firm called QTSC Incubator supporting startups active in the IT field since 2005.

Receiving financial and technical support from the European Community and the Vietnamese Government, QTSC Incubator is mandated to support and nurture software and technology firms to overcome difficulties and challenges during the startup period. Moreover, the incubator has actively encouraged the establishment of tech firms in HCMC.

To date, QTSC Incubator has successfully incubated over 20 software firms, including BTM, DMG, SYMBIO, AMBITION, SOLID LINE, VMT and PowerSoft.

Benefactor of science researchers

Apart from acting as an advocator of education, QTSC has expanded its CSR reach to the science and community fields. The organization in 2018 put into service a research and development (R&D) lab, creating a public space for the creation and development of new IT products.

Enterprises working at the lab benefit from scores of advantages and support services, including advertising in newspapers or on QTSC’s website, one-stop service, links with communities and universities to seek skilled personnel, and networking with Internet of Things ecosystem centers.

Besides this, its Agriculture Center of Excellence was also constructed in 2017 to help with the application of new technology and the utilization of Internet service platforms and cloud computing technology in agricultural activities.

The center is supporting local tech firms to develop new applications in the agriculture sector so as to boost the growth of Vietnam’s clean agriculture field.

By Nhu Phu

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