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Bibigo Food Truck introduces Korean cuisine to Vietnamese consumers

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – CJ Foods Vietnam’s Bibigo brand has launched the “Korean” Food Truck campaign on August 10, covering 162 locations across 11 cities. The aim is to introduce the distinctive flavors of Korean cuisine to Vietnamese people.

The Bibigo food truck, which commenced its journey in HCMC, will traverse traditional markets, night markets, residential areas, and universities.

At each stop, local customers will get the chance to savor Bibigo’s signature Korean dishes such as Mandu, Kimchi and Tokbokki.

Notably, Bibigo Mandu (Korean dumplings) are crafted using CJ Foods’ exclusive shredding technology, combined with specially selected ingredients, resulting in a flavorful, fresh, and succulent filling encased in a delicate crust, said the organizers.

This initiative aims to bring the authentic Korean culinary experience to Vietnam’s major cities, infusing the essence of Korean cuisine into the locals’ daily culinary life.

Roh Woong Ho, CEO of CJ Foods Vietnam, said, “Through this year’s culinary campaign in Vietnam, CJ Foods continues its mission of spreading ‘Only One’ culinary products, inspiring customers to embrace a new life of health, happiness, and convenience.”

CJ Foods Vietnam is continuously advancing its technology to cater to the diverse preferences of Vietnamese consumers, aligning its offerings with their demands.

Founded in 1953, CJ Cheiljedang has been a prominent figure in the Korean food industry for over 70 years. The group’s mission is to share the exquisite taste of Korea worldwide, delivering high-quality products that satisfy local palates while encapsulating the essence of Korean culinary experience.

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