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Binh Chanh begins demolishing Tram Chim resort

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HCMC – After a long period of suspension due to the Tet holiday and the coronavirus pandemic, Binh Chanh District in HCMC on June 23 restarted tearing down numerous facilities at Gia Trang Quan, also known as the Tram Chim Resort, which was illegally developed in Tan Quy Tay Commune.

A representative from the government of the commune told Thanh Nien Online that the large-scale commercial complex was developed on land which is for agricultural purposes only.

The demolition is aimed at forcing Tran Thi Minh Trang, the owner of the resort, to restore the status of the land covering an area of over 7,260 square meters.

The authorities had earlier demanded that Trang demolish the illegal portions of the resort but she remained defiant, the representative added.

At 8.00 a.m. today, a working team of 200 people and vehicles were dispatched to the resort for the demolition, which is expected to be completed within one week.

Tram Chim Resort, which was built in 2015, comprises 65 guest rooms, 16 karaoke rooms, 13 sauna rooms and many other facilities.

Following a decision to demolish Tram Chim Resort, the Binh Chanh government on November 19, 2019, asked 17 individuals concerned to practice self-criticism as they failed to closely cooperate and address the illegal construction, thus prolonging the entire process.

When the Binh Chanh government began demolishing the construction work at the resort, Tran Thi Minh Trang filed a lawsuit against the district government and demanded that it revoke the Binh Chanh chairman’s decision demanding the illegal facilities at the resort be destroyed. Trang said the demolition has caused heavy losses for her.

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