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Boat racing lights up Huong River

Text & photos by Hoang Le

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In celebration of Vietnam’s 78th National Day on September 2, the central province of Thua Thien Hue hosted the 34th edition of its traditional boat race on the Huong River, drawing thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

Adding to the festivities, Thuy Thanh Commune within the province, known for the iconic 250-year-old Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge, organized its inaugural boat race and other traditional activities from August 30 to September 4.

This event provided a captivating glimpse into the exhilarating boat races held in the ancient capital, where hundreds of rowers competed with intense camaraderie.

The 78th traditional boat race on the iconic Huong River in Thua Thien Hue Province saw the participation of not only male rowers but also of female rowers
Rowers displayed fierce competition as soon as the race commenced
The race proved thrilling, capturing the attention of a large audience along the banks of the Huong River…
… both on the riverbanks…
… and in the river
Children were also caught up in the excitement while watching the race
Boat crews navigated their vessels skillfully back and forth
The competition grew fiercer as it neared the finish line
A panoramic view of the boat race on the picturesque Huong River
In addition to the traditional race, Thuy Thanh Commune in Thua Thien Hue Province’s Huong Thuy Township hosted its inaugural boat race on the Nhu Y River
The boats gracefully glided past the historic Thanh Toan Bridge
Thuy Thanh Commune has recently emerged as a popular destination, especially on weekends, due to its traditional flea markets and unique cultural activities

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