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Breathing life into Tet spirit: A visit to the Tet flower market in Ben Tre

By The Ky

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BEN TRE – Every year, flower farmers from the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre converge at the Tet flower market along the picturesque riverbanks by Hung Vuong Street, where they showcase and sell their flower products.

What was once a tranquil riverside scene now bursts with life, as vendors and buyers come together, encapsulating the very essence of Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

The riverbank serves as the vibrant backdrop for the bustling Tet flower market
A wooden boat, laden with flowers, is at anchor by the shallow riverside
Tet flower stands line a colorful and lively street early in the morning
Flowers are on display along the riverbank
Apricot blossoms, symbolizing Tet in southern Vietnam, take center stage
A cheerful girl shares warm smiles with a customer who selects a pot of apricot blossoms
Motorbikes are creatively used to transport two pots of daisies, a common sight during this season
Decorative plants find unconventional transportation on motor tricycles and cars

A son captures a special moment with his father, a cherished activity for many families during this time of the year
Amidst the bustling Tet atmosphere, a couple in their new dresses gets prepared for a photoshoot
Elsewhere, an elderly finds solace among bright flowers        
A man cycles home with a pot of apricot blossoms secured on the back seat

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