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Brewing coffee using cloth filters

By Nguyen Trung Au

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You may have sipped coffee brewed with an aluminum filter or a bean-to-cup coffee machine. But have you ever had coffee made using a cloth filter, or Cà phê vợt in Vietnamese?

If not, head to the 60-year-old Cà phê vợt (coffee brewed with a cloth filter) at 330/2 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, to taste this kind of coffee that first appeared in the 20th century.

Coffee powder is put into a cloth filter and then brewed in a ceramic pot. After some 10 minutes, the brewed coffee is poured into smaller pots made of aluminum to serve guests.

Hot or iced coffee with condensed milk is a favorite here
The owner brews coffee using cloth filters and other tools
While coffee is brewed, the aroma of coffee spreads
A guest grabs a coffee to go at Cà phê vợt, one of the oldest cafés in Saigon
Coffee brewed using a cloth filter and mixed with condensed milk is the bestseller there
A corner of the Cà phê vợt café
Coffee powder is brewed with a cloth filter
The café is often crowded on weekends
Some grab a coffee to go
Others enjoy a cup of coffee at the café
Two popular kinds of coffee brewed with a cloth filter


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