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Bumpy solar power development

By Quoc Hung

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Leveraging renewable energy sources for production processes stands as a crucial means for enterprises to not only realize environmental goals but also foster sustainable development, aligning with the emission reduction mandates of importing nations. Yet, enterprises are grappling with policy and procedural hurdles concerning the investment, installation, and operation of solar energy systems. A major garment company in Dong Nai Province, which manufactures for more than ten European and American fashion brands, has been an early adopter of eco-friendly production standards to comply with client requisites. The commitment to low-emission manufacturing has earned the company several domestic and international “green” certificates. However, in the past three years, it has encountered challenges in navigating the procedure for installing rooftop solar power panels. “We are enthusiastic about embracing solar energy to curtail production costs and adhere to our partners’ green standards. Yet, we grapple with convoluted procedures that hinder our green production roadmap,” said a company representative. “While importing markets and international brands are progressively stringent with low-emission products, and the government champions green production, the investment procedure for sustainable solar energy development contradicts this trend.” Enterprises with facilities in industrial parks share similar grievances about solar power system installations. Dao Xuan […]
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