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Canadian Wood strengthens promotion of softwoods from Canada in the Vietnamese market

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Canadian Wood Vietnam is focused on educating and building awareness of the advantages of using B.C. wood products for manufacturers or traders seeking softwood for their furniture and interior production and distribution.

Canadian Wood Vietnam is a part of Forestry Innovation Investment (FII), a British Columbia Government Crown agency headquartered in B.C., Canada.

Through a range of market development and educational programming, Canadian Wood is promoting the strengths and benefits of BC wood products to Vietnam’s wood sector.  Along with fostering awareness among manufacturers, a key element of their work is their product trial program, using BC wood species, called ‘Try Canadian Wood’. Through this program, Canadian Wood works directly with manufacturers to become more familiar with the properties and workability of Canadian softwoods and helps to find the right wood species for their projects.

Promoting softwood species from B.C.

Being in Vietnam, a country with enormous potential in the wood industry, Canadian Wood Vietnam promotes the province of B.C. and Canada as a global wood supplier, offering environmentally responsible, high-quality products sourced from sustainably managed forests.

In B.C., approximately 95% of forested lands are publicly owned and governed by stringent laws and environmental regulations. Over 41 million hectares of B.C.’s forested land have been certified by either Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

B.C. places a significant emphasis on the responsible harvesting of its softwood species.  Only a small portion of forest (less than 1%) is harvested per year and due to regeneration efforts, around 200 million new trees are planted annually. This is all part of sustainable forest management and planning, ensuring B.C.’s abundant natural forests for future generations.

Softwood lumber from B.C., Canada

Softwood from B.C., specifically the five species of Western Hemlock, Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), Douglas-Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Yellow Cedar, are highly regarded for their flexibility in design and superior processing capabilities. They are compatible with various applications for both interior and exterior furniture in Vietnam. A growing number of furniture makers in Vietnam are turning to the readily available certified Canadian softwoods as a viable, affordable option over traditional hardwood species.

Canadian Wood Vietnam is raising awareness and creating opportunities for B.C. Forest products while helping Vietnam, one of the world’s largest wooden furniture manufacturers, access high-quality and reliable sources more easily.

Seeking market development opportunities in Vietnam

Canadian Wood Vietnam is dedicated to introducing five key softwood species from B.C. to Vietnamese importers, traders, and furniture manufacturers. Through the ‘Try Canadian Wood’ program, the team is also conducting ongoing product trials with manufacturers in Vietnam.  Thanks to B.C. wood products from certified sources, favorable finishing properties and outstanding capabilities, the results of these trials have been highly encouraging. All the introduced softwoods have proven to be preferred materials for various furniture applications.

The ‘Try Canadian Wood’ program offers small quantities of B.C. softwood species to manufacturers. This allows them to experience each softwood species’ advantages and processing abilities first-hand. Canadian Wood Vietnam helps manufacturers accurately determine the grade of wood required for their designs, craftsmanship, and production. The program also connects them directly with wood suppliers in Canada. In addition, Canadian Wood Vietnam offers technical support and guidance throughout the trial period, ensuring partners receive expert assistance as they explore the diverse application of Canadian wood.

The ‘Try Canadian Wood’ program has received positive responses from many businesses in the wood industry

For wholesalers, trading companies, importers, or manufacturers seeking to purchase wood from Canada, Canadian Wood Vietnam can connect them with B.C. softwood suppliers to meet their specific needs.

Offering educational and technical support, Canadian Wood has engaged with close to 1,000 companies in Vietnam’s wood sector. The relationships developed to date have demonstrated the economic value, flexibility, and effective strategy the organization brings to the market.

Representatives from Canadian Wood Vietnam have shared that in the future, they will continue to play a key role in expanding local knowledge of and interest in Canada’s certified, sustainable forestry practices and products by leveraging a growing network of partnerships in Vietnam.

Canadian Wood operates as a non-profit entity, not directly supplying or selling wood, but rather serving as a bridge to provide information, guidance, and promotion of various softwood species from the Canadian province of British Columbia. It also connects manufacturers, designers, wholesale/retail wood and furniture businesses in Vietnam with softwood suppliers in British Columbia, Canada.

For more detailed information about Canadian Wood, please contact:

Website: canadianwood.com.vn

Email: info@canadianwood.com.vn | Hotline: 0274 380 3609

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/canadian-wood-vn/

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