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Capturing fish in the swamp

Text & photos by Lam Thong

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Nestled in Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province, Tram Tra Loc stands as an eco-tourism haven celebrated for its breathtaking natural vistas, pristine air, and delectable seafood.

Earlier this month, a multitude of locals and tourists converged upon Tram Tra Loc to partake in a unique festival that has endured for over three centuries in this central locale. They waded into the expansive swamp to capture fish and shrimp.

As explained by local residents, this festival holds deep agricultural roots, a celebration for farmers following the summer-autumn rice harvest.

The swamp, where Tram Tra Loc’s inhabitants catch fish
The traditional festival seeks to invoke blessings from heaven and earth, ushering in good fortune for the year
Hundreds of people, both locals and tourists, assemble at the lake to partake in the festivities
Not just adults…
… even children wade through the swamp to catch fish and shrimp
Their focus is not solely on the size of their catch; they relish the joyous occasion while championing nature conservation
Only larger fish and shrimp are caught; smaller ones are released back into the lake
Participants employ simple tools for their fishing endeavors
A farmer utilizes a bamboo-made trap for fishing
Local authorities replenish the lake’s water levels, facilitating not only fishing but also enhancing the lake bed’s environment
The fish caught are available for purchase at the festival
A young girl proudly displays her catch from Tram Tra Loc
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