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Catching first sunlight at Dien Cape

By Thi An

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Besides being one of the most beautiful destinations in Phu Yen Province, Dien Cape (Mui Dien) also offers visitors history and culture.

Dien Cape, also known as Dai Lanh Cape, is part of the Truong Son Mountain Range. It is located in Phuoc Tan Village, Hoa Tam Commune, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen Province, and can only be walked to.

Tourists can park their vehicles in the parking lots and climb the hill for over 20 minutes to get to the cape.

Trekking along the spectacular coastal roads leading to Dien Cape, tourists can admire a natural landscape with imposing mountains on one side and deep blue beaches on the other. Dien Cape is small and pristine.

Around the cape are strange-shaped cliffs, deep abysses and large rocks covered with moss and trees. The fresh air from the sea cools down the heat from the harsh sun in the central province.

Before reaching Dien Cape, tourists can also visit Mui Dien lighthouse, built in 1890 in the European style by France. The lighthouse is 26.5 meters in height and 110 meters above sea level. At the lighthouse’s highest spot, tourists can capture beaches and green hills.

Standing at the highest spot of the Mui Dien lighthouse, tourists can capture the entire scenery of beaches and green hills

From Mui Dien, tourists can follow a stairway to Bai Mon (Mon Beach), which is wild with no tourism services. Therefore, the beach has its own charm that few other places have. If the tide is low, tourists can also step on rocks covered with green moss.

Dien Cape is stunning at sunrise and sunset. It is the place to witness the earliest dawn in Vietnam. Tourists can spend a night camping there to catch the first rays of sunlight. At night, they can camp at Dien Cape, enjoy a barbeque party and admire the shimmering beach, listening to the sounds of the beach, offering them a unique experience.

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