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Tourism Dictionary

Cruising on mountain

Located in the northwestern mountainous province of Yen Bai, Thac Ba Lake, which is likened to Halong Bay on the mountain, is one of...

Experiencing life as a fisherman on lagoon

Covering approximately 100 hectares, Chuon Lagoon is a part of the larger Tam Giang Lagoon that stretches across the central province of Thua Thien...

Hue in the clouds at dawn

Hue City has been a favorite tourist destination attracting local and international travelers, especially Westerners who want to learn about the rich culture and...

A glimpse of simplicity and beauty

The northwest highlands of Vietnam are renowned for their awe-inspiring landscapes, encompassing a tapestry of flowers, trees, mountains, and, of course, local people. Amid this...

A mountain pass challenges backpackers

Me Pia Pass, situated in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang, presents a formidable challenge to backpackers. Located on National Highway 4A in...

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