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Vietravel resumes domestic tourism in the “new normal”

The tourism industry, which is one of the sectors hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, is recovering after the situation has improved. Some...

What role do private clinics play in healthcare system?

When it comes to discussing the role of the private healthcare sector, there remain two contrasting points of view. The first one says private...

How can they do without gatherings?

HCMC - Organizing social events is seen as an interesting business. Like other sectors, the business has felt the impact of the raging Covid-19...

What if the pandemic is not over anytime soon?

They have had to scale down their operations, with salaries cut and employees laid off, to survive the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. What will they...

To where the tourism industry will go?

Tourism is an important sector in the economy. But it is now feeling the worst impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic. Destinations have turned quiet...

In what way would the real estate market develop in the Covid-19 pandemic?

Why does the housing price keep rising? How could developers sell their products in the Covid-19 pandemic? Should investors use financial leverage during this...

An English man on his journey in Vietnam

Over 30 years ago, an English man came to Vietnam as a traveler. Several years later, he initiated an educational program for poor children....

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