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CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau wins Women in Green Building Leadership Award

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Luu Thi Thanh Mau, a female entrepreneur from Vietnam, brought home the Women in Green Building Leadership Award at the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards held in Bali, Indonesia on November 23. To earn the honorable award, the entrepreneur, dubbed “Green CEO” or “Green Building Leader,” has experienced a long-term journey.
CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau in ao dai poses for a photo with the organizers and two representatives of Singapore and India, who were among finalists for the Women in Green Building Leadership category of the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards 2022

“The Women in Green Building Leadership Award” is one of the categories of the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards organized every two years by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) since 2014. The event is aimed at honoring enterprises and entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific for their outstanding achievements in green and sustainable building.

Known as the co-founder and chief executive officer of Phuc Khang Corporation – a green developer with numerous buildings meeting green standards, CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau was the only representative from Vietnam to be nominated for the award, alongside others from many countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

13 years of determination for green building

CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau started her journey of green construction with the establishment of Phuc Khang Corporation in 2009. When she was 30, she set up the corporation, supported by her family members, friends and workers.

Pursuing the corporation’s mission of “Being a pioneer and building a better lifestyle for the community and a humane ecosystem towards the global green and sustainable standard, CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau has established a strong foothold and aroused a desire of building fresh green living spaces for the next generations. Many of its projects whose name start with “Eco” demonstrate the corporation’s commitment to sustainability in the community and show its separate path.

In 2015, with the hope of leveraging up the Vietnamese property industry, the female leader of Phuc Khang Corporation made a visit to Japan to sound out cooperation and investment opportunities and learn something new and useful. With her efforts, CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau grasped the opportunity to cooperate with Japan’s global prestigious diversified group Mitsubishi Corporation.

On December 24, 2017, Phuc Khang Construction and Investment Corporation joined hands with Mitsubishi to organize a ceremony to announce their cooperation and the establishment of Phuc Khang Mitsubishi Corporation Holding (PKMC). Mitsubishi Corporation held a 49% stake in PKMC, while Phuc Khang Corporation owned the remainder. The strategic partnership was aimed at jointly developing the Diamond Lotus project, which was the first housing project in Vietnam to meet the LEED standard – a prestigious green building standard applied in 150 countries.

Not long ago, at a green construction event, the female CEO said, “The 13-year development journey of Phuc Khang Corporation is regarded as a greening journey. On the journey, my partners and I have been striving to build cultural values and green property products by developing various green buildings, heading towards the green community, the green city and the green future.” For the efforts of making a dream of green buildings come true, CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau is proud to introduce multiple projects invested by Phuc Khang Corporation, including Diamond Lotus Riverside and Vietnam Lotus Village.

Diamond Lotus Riverside was built in line with the top-notch criteria under the U.S. certification system, LEED, and Vietnam’s LOTUS standard. By strictly complying with the health-convenience principles, Diamond Lotus Riverside has recorded positive results of saving water and power. In specifics, power consumption at the building is reduced by 51.11% and water consumption is cut down by 41.7% against the basic level.

Diamond Lotus Riverside was awarded with a LOTUS Provisional certificate by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) in October 2021 and was named one of the top five best smart green buildings in 2021 on March 15, 2022. Recently, Diamond Lotus Riverside has been chosen as one of two green buildings to welcome delegates from the Vietnam Green Building Week 2022.

Another special green real estate project is Vietnam Lotus Village, which was initially planned to become the second hometown in HCMC. The culture-commerce-tourism-residence complex features the Vietnamese Bamboo Conference Center, which was recognized as Vietnam’s largest bamboo home in 2015. The center has recently been awarded the LOTUS SB level Gold certificate. In addition, Vietnam Lotus Village’s M1 and M2 home models are certified as LOTUS Homes by VGBC. Vietnam Lotus Village looks to become a green urban area with core values and connection with different generations.

Being present at countless forums and seminars in a role of an inspirer for green construction, the female CEO is always proud to introduce the satisfaction of residents at green buildings. “I am very happy to see these green buildings spreading values. Phuc Khang Corporation will continue to develop more green buildings to spread green living spirit among people, contributing to sustainability in the local and global markets,” said the CEO.

Non-stop journey of making the community greener and more sustainable

Apart from being the leader of a business, CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau is also an active contributor to the community. “I want to not only create green buildings but also build a green community and develop the green future towards sustainability,” stressed Entrepreneur Luu Thi Thanh Mau.

In addition to her main position as General Director of Phuc Khang Corporation, Luu Thi Thanh Mau is holding the posts of Vice President of the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association, Vice President of the HCMC Real Estate Association, and a member of the board of directors at the Dream Seed Center. CEO Mau has actively and wholeheartedly contributed to the green building development in Vietnam, the region and the world.

CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau in ao dao poses for a photo with the organizers of the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards held in Bali, Indonesia on November 23

During the 13-year journey, CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau and her workforce have always attached much significance to social responsibility. She said, “Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the pillars of the corporation’s sustainability strategy. Sustainability must go hand in hand with social responsibility. As such, Phuc Khang Corporation has been implementing various medium- and long-term community programs.

Notably, the “Voluntary Green Heart” program was initiated by CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau during the Covid pandemic to give love and kindness to frontline medical workers and needy people to overcome hardships, and assist the authorities in the fight against Covid. Within one month, Phuc Khang Corporation donated medical supplies worth some VND20 billion to frontline hospitals, presented more than 11,000 gift sets to disadvantaged households, gave 20,000 meals to needy people and awarded hundreds of scholarships and 1,500 calculators to Covid-hit students.

This year, Phuc Khang Corporation is continuing to carry out social programs, in collaboration with charity centers, firms and universities. The well-prepared community activities will make Phuc Khang Corporation fulfill its corporate social responsibility, moving towards creating humane values and social equality for sustainability in the future. The active contribution to the society will reflect the right path and responsibility of Female Leader Luu Thi Thanh Mau.

This is CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau’s 13-year journey of making a dream of green building come true. The Women in Green Building Leadership Award not only marks her contribution to green construction, but also serves as a motivation for her next steps to spread positive values to the community. According to the CEO, creating a green urban area means building a high quality and humane living environment for the community, contributing to tackling climate change.”

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