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Changing tides

By Thuy Le

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In a noteworthy shift, state-run banks are transitioning from cash dividends to stock dividends, while privately-held banks are increasingly favoring cash dividends for their shareholders. A capital evolution Just half a decade ago, state-run banks accounted for 26% of total capital among banks, while privately-held banks held a substantial 46%. Today, state-run banks have seen their share shrink to 20%, while private banks have surged to claim 55% of total capital. State-owned banks have modestly increased their capital by 29% since December 2018, reaching nearly VND190.5 trillion by Q3 2023. Meanwhile, private banks have scaled up their capital by a remarkable 93% to VND515.7 trillion. Taking a longer view reveals an even more striking contrast. In December 2013, state-run banks held 30% of capital, but their capital growth over the past decade amounted to a modest VND62.4 trillion, a 49% increase. In contrast, private banks have witnessed a phenomenal 166% leap, driven by a fivefold increase in capital compared to state-run banks, injecting over VND322.1 trillion into their funds. This divergence underscores the significant advantage that private banks have gained, supported by robust capital buffers that facilitate expansion and risk management. However, there are still concerns, especially among unlisted banks, […]
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