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Cinderella returns in all its glory

By Bradley Winterton

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HCMC – It is absolutely and incontrovertibly true that the HBSO production of Prokofiev’s 1944 ballet Cinderella is among the finest things to come from this company’s Ballet division.

Nor is it the case that this is a show for children. Children will undoubtedly enjoy it, but this masterpiece is a show for everyone.

It was choreographed long ago by the Norwegian director who has been responsible for so many Saigon traditional ballets. Her style is never eccentric or bizarre, but always in the spirit in which the works were composed.

HBSO clearly foresees a large interest as they are staging it for two performances, on June 1 and 2, in the Saigon Opera House, beginning at 8 p.m.

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and her pretty feet. She is a menial whose job is to clear up the cinders in the fireplace of a big house. But the local regent, Prince Charming, is touring the world looking for someone who can fit his silver slipper. Cinderella does it, despite the ministrations of her “ugly sisters”, and as a result is invited to the Prince’s ball.

She is transformed by the magic of her Fairy Godmother, but on condition that the magic will end on the stroke of midnight.

All proceeds as expected, with Cinderella fleeing in panic at the stroke of twelve – but leaving behind in her haste one of her tiny slippers.

The next day the Prince tours his dominions looking for someone who can wear the slipper. Cinderella fits the bill and, in a happy ending, becomes the Prince Charming’s consort.

Cinderella will be danced by Do Hoang Khang Ninh and Prince Charming by Nguyen Duc Hieu.

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