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Clean energy drives green tourism

By Minh Ngoc

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Solar power has been included in a group of breakthrough sectors and has become a major earner for many enterprises. In An Giang Province, the charming An Hao solar farm is one of the outstanding projects for its socio-economic growth strategy.

The tripartite relationship between the State, the public and business creates great consistency and synchronization for the province’s renewable energy development.

In-depth and professional steps and effective strategies have helped Sao Mai Group successfully tap the clean energy industry, though the company like other businesses struggled with challenges induced by the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic uncertainties. Thanks to its flexibility in business and restructuring, Sao Mai Group surmounted economic downturns to go through new challenges.

The Sao Mai water tower

The investor has utilized a high quality workforce and its broad experience and knowledge about technology from multiple countries to run the solar power project. The firm rolled up its sleeves on the solar energy field in 2016. Until now, Sao Mai Solar has been named as one of Vietnam’s 10 best renewable energy projects for several years on end.

Christine Gandomi, director of the Office of Environment and Energy at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Vietnam, said that “the An Hao solar farm works efficiently.”

A place that creates harmony between people and nature

Notably, while operating the An Hao solar farm project, the investor has paid great attention to combining economic growth, social development and environmental protection. After the project was completed and put into commercial operation, multiple groups of students and local and international tourists asked for a visit to the farm due to its appealing appearance.

A place of love

Due to the high demand for exploration of tourists from near and far, the investor decided to tap the solar power potential in combination with ecotourism and spiritual tourism development. The gorgeous An Hao solar farm tourist area lies amidst a farm of solar panels and near the foot of Thien Cam Son, or Cam Mountain.

Thanks to its attractiveness and beauty, a series of beautiful images of the tourist area quickly went viral. “The Kingdom of clean energy” in the southwestern region, coupled with tourism potential, is expected to spread the beauty of the nation’s mountainous area to global travelers.

An awe-inspiring image of daybreak at An Hao Solar Farm

The “Green Heritage” becomes attractive due to the outstanding beauty of the rows of solar panels which create a graceful curve sparkling with sunlight. The best time for a visit to the An Hao solar farm is the early morning as tourists can watch the dawn. Sunlight first appears and shines on Thien Canh Lake, drawing a mysterious picture of nature.

A check-in photo of a baby boy

The solar farm with its surroundings from trees, flowers, birds to animals seems to sing a catchy song to welcome a new day and give tourists a feeling of relaxation and peace. Travel lovers are wooed to visit the place by the gardens of wild cosmos flowers and sunflowers, Thien Canh Lake, Sao Mai Water Tower, a herd of sheep and countless miniatures.

A girl stands in the middle of a sunflower garden

Tourists are impressed by the picturesque views and the modern operation of the solar farm. Many experts and scientists highly value Sao Mai Solar for its optimal performance and contribution to the national energy grid. Sao Mai Group will continue tapping the clean energy field with new ideas and vitality to deal with a potential shortage of renewable energy.

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