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Cocoon Vietnam pursues harmony with nature

By Hoang An

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For Cocoon Vietnam, a vegan cosmetics brand that offers vegan beauty products produced by Nature Story Co. Ltd., nature is at the core of its business. The company in its development over the years has shown great tender towards nature in various aspects, from choosing natural vegan ingredients to produce its cosmetic products to environmental protection and safeguarding the well-being of animals.

Protecting the environment

Cocoon Vietnam is committed to using animal-derived ingredients, and leverages Vietnam’s unique agricultural products to create its main product lines. Since its ingredients and production do not have direct, adverse impacts on the environment, Cocoon has conceived other new ways to make contribution to environmental protection.

On May 12, the company kick-started the annual project to collect old batteries to protect the green earth.

In fact, this project has been in place since 2022 under a collaboration agreement between Cocoon Vietnam and the HCMC University of Education, encouraging consumers to collect old batteries to exchange for cosmetics.

In the first year, Cocoon helped collect and process over 2.5 tons of old batteries in HCMC. In 2023, this amount increased to nearly 10 tons in HCMC and Hanoi. In 2024, the project aims to collect 15 tons of batteries across five major cities, namely Hanoi, HCMC, Can Tho, Danang, and Hue.

“This is a non-profit project by Cocoon, reflecting the company’s concern for the community. We choose to put forth the smallest tasks that everyone can do and execute them thoroughly,” the brand representative emphasized.

Each customer handing in at least 10 batteries from the AAA size upward will be offered a lipstick made from Ben Tre coconut extract. The company and its partners have organized hundreds of exchange points in the five cities, including over 70 points in HCMC alone.

Collecting old batteries is just one regular program to protect the environment. Cocoon has also launched several other related activities to show its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development over the years. Specifically, since 2021, Cocoon has implemented an “exchange old bottles for new products” program online, which has continued to this day. This program helps reduce plastic waste and encourages users to collect old plastic bottles for exchange rather than discarding them.

In December 2023, Cocoon partnered with the Guardian chain to launch the so-called refill stations for certain cosmetic products, accordingly customers have their empty bottles refilled at such stations will enjoy a discount of 20%. As of now, 20 stations have been established in Guardian stores in HCMC, helping customers save on costs and more importantly to minimize discharge of plastic bottles into the environment.

These efforts have been gaining momentum as the demand for natural beauty products increases. Notably, the brand’s focus on environmental protection has been supported by its customers from the start.

Sustainable coffee farming project

In the 2023-2024 period, Cocoon continues the project “Accompanying Farmers in Daklak for Sustainable Coffee Cultivation” in Krong Pak District. This project aims to find effective solutions to improve soil quality degraded by chemical fertilizers and reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers during coffee cultivation.

The project has achieved some notable results: after three applications of bio-organic fertilizers (from February to November 2023), the participating households’ gardens have become lush and green, with densely packed fruits. Experts observed significant improvements in soil quality after nearly a year of using bio-organic fertilizers, and a noticeable improvement in total soil microorganisms and the presence of earthworms.

Animal protection activities

Cocoon’s animal protection activities have also received strong support from customers. Collaborating with Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), Cocoon has launched projects such as “Protecting Bears” (2021-2022), “Ending Elephant Rides” (2022-2023), and “Rescuing Stray Dogs and Cats” (2023-2024). For each limited edition product sold, Cocoon donates VND10,000 to AAF to improve animal welfare.

Cocoon Vietnam lends a helping hand in animal rescue programs

In early 2024, Cocoon and AAF provided food and medical support to 18 animal rescue stations nationwide and donated 15 wheelchairs to Forever Wheel Chair shelter and 3,500 rabies vaccines to Daklak Veterinary Department.

Apart from not using animal-derived ingredients like honey, bee wax, or sheep fat often found in cosmetics, Cocoon Vietnam has never conducted testing on animals, in alignment with its commitment to ensure animal welfare. Cocoon Vietnam therefore has been recognized by two international organizations Cruelty Free International and PETA.

Brand growth through customer trust

Pham Thi Ngoc Bien, a brand representative, shared that all community-focused activities are implemented by the company from leadership to employees. Everyone is supportive, and each employee becomes a “media ambassador,” helping spread the projects to a wider audience.

Through continuous CSR projects and communication activities, the brand’s recognition has increased significantly. Customers know Cocoon not only for its product quality but also for its CSR projects, turning them into loyal “fans” who actively share information about these initiatives. “This is a very valuable and appreciated aspect of our brand-building process,” she added.

CSR campaigns have also provided Cocoon with opportunities to expand its business market. Currently, Cocoon products are available in over 2,000 cosmetics stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores nationwide.

“Transparent and systematic community-focused activities have helped us build customer trust and love for the brand. This trust and motivation are what have brought Cocoon to where it is today,” Ngoc Bien emphasized.

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