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Colorful country roads

By Hai Duong – Duy Van

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Hoa gao, known as Bombax ceiba or red cotton tree flowers, are currently in full bloom across various regions of Vietnam. The striking five-petal red silk cotton flowers resemble flickering flames, captivating and inspiring onlookers alike.

From serene countryside landscapes to lofty mountain peaks and deep valleys, these blossoms adorn the nation, adding to its natural splendor. Red silk cotton trees have long been a familiar sight in Vietnam, adorning temples, pagodas, village entrances, riverbanks, and levees. Now, they continue to captivate not only locals but also young enthusiasts and nature lovers who seek to capture the beauty of the blooming season.

Flowers sway gently in the sunlight atop a temple roof
An ancient red silk cotton tree blooms next to the entrance of a pagoda
A young lady poses amidst the beauty of a red silk cotton tree
Red silk cotton flowers adorn the country road
Moments of beauty captured amidst red silk cotton flowers
Brilliant blooms next to the village gate…
…and the serene Da River flowing through the mountainous province of Lao Cai
The bright red hue of the five-petaled flowers resembles a cluster of fire
Blooming flowers illuminate the stunning landscapes of Vietnam’s northwestern region
Bombax ceiba trees on the mountainside reach their peak beauty
Clusters of flowers bloom atop mountain ranges
Red blooms adorn the traditional houses of ethnic groups in Ha Giang, Vietnam’s northernmost mountainous province
The vibrant red color of the flowers enhances the beauty of heaven and earth

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