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Colorful ritual of Dao people

Text & photos by Hai Duong

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Dao ethnic people living in the northern provinces of Tuyen Quang, Yen Bai, and Lao Cai organize their traditional maturity fest once a year. The ceremony is for men.

The event takes place for several consecutive days and nights with various rituals such as offerings and traditional dances of Dao community. The participants, men and women alike, are all dressed in splendid and colorful costumes. They have to eat vegetarian foods for a few days.

The maturity fest is recorded in Van Yen District, Yen Bai Province.

Photos of ancestors of Dao people are hung on the wall during the ritual maturity fest
Women are preparing dishes in the kitchen
Sticky rice and some vegetarian dishes are ready for use during the fest
One of the offerings is being held at the event
The event is for all men, from young boys to 80-year-old men. This is the most important ritual of their life.
The unique turtle dance takes place during the event
A group of gorgeously dressed women eats vegetarian dishes
A pretty Dao girl
Early in the morning, men prepare things for daylight outdoor rituals
A group of Dao women is ready for the ritual
The podium is high enough for 20-30 people
The ritual of kneeling to listen to words by the shaman
The Dao couple is preparing to receive the religious order from the shaman
All men enjoy the vegetarian meal after completing the ritual

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