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Compliance does matter

By Hoang Hanh

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To bolster the export of agricultural and fishery products, understanding market demands and adhering to customer-established “rules” are pivotal factors. A persistent concern regarding Vietnam’s agricultural exports revolves around biological safety and food hygiene. Despite numerous discussions and solutions over the years, this issue remains unresolved. In mid-September, several shipments of Vietnamese durians, bananas, and dragon fruit sent to China were discovered to contain insects, such as mealy bugs. Consequently, there was a proposal to revoke 47 area codes where these fruits are cultivated. While this may seem like a harsh measure, it is unlikely to entirely address the problem, as the practice of disregarding quarantine and safety regulations has become a chronic issue in Vietnam’s agriculture. A new approach appears to be necessary. During the “Developing the Safe Agricultural Production Supply Chain” forum organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on September 29, 2023, Huynh Quang Duc, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ben Tre Province, proposed that the agricultural product supply chain should target the market, with the market serving as the “standard market.” The term “standard market” implies that the areas supplying agricultural products must meet specific minimum standards […]
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