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Conquering Ky Quan San Mountain range

Text & Photos by Thu Huong

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Ky Quan San, the fourth highest mountain in Vietnam at 3,046 meters above sea level, beckons nature enthusiasts with its awe-inspiring natural beauty. To ascend this peak successfully, good health and guidance from the local Mong ethnic people are crucial, as the journey entails three days and two nights of trekking.

As backpackers embark on this trek, they are treated to a plethora of picturesque landscapes. From terraced fields that wind around the small village at the mountain’s foot to the exotic and vibrant flowers that bloom in the forest, the scenery only becomes more enchanting as they ascend. The journey feels like a progression through a giant bonsai forest, followed by a bamboo jungle, and ultimately culminating in the breathtaking moss forest.

Upon reaching the summit, trekkers are rewarded with a panoramic view that encompasses the Red River and the Ky Quan San mountain range that spans the border of Vietnam and China.

Fabulous terraced fields grace the mountain
A glimpse into the daily life of local people
Two Mong ethnic women head home after a day’s work around the mountain
Tourists set out on their trek from Ky Quan San Village
A forest path at the mountain’s foot
White clouds envelop the ancient forest at the mountain’s foothills
Capturing moments next to ancient yellow rhododendron trees
Thousands of flowers bloom in the heart of the forest
A refreshing stream known as De San Nhua graces the mountain
As the ascent continues, the landscape becomes increasingly cloudy and foggy
The beautiful natural bonsai forest
Trekkers make their way towards conquering the mountain peak
Excitement builds as they approach the peak
Savoring the incredible moments after nearly two days of climbing to the 3,046-meter-high mountain

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