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Cosplay comes to town

By Joanik Bellalou

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Early this month, the Spring Days Cosplay Festival took place in HCMC’s Dist. 5, drawing a large crowd. Participants were encouraged to wear cosplay costumes, inspired by famous manga characters from Japan and other popular video games.

Free from stereotypes and clichés, the world of cosplay is full of colors and diversity, accompanied with great tolerance. From university students to employees, the young and old were united with one passion. The cosplayers showcased their best outfits, some of which took weeks to make, especially the complex ones.

During the festival, the show saw music alternating between different genres, such as K-Pop and Japanese songs to dubstep and heavy metal.

Hosted at the Cultural Center in District 5, the Spring Days Festival was held for 2 days on the 6th and 7th of March
Sticking to one’s cosplay is a hard task, but the passion is strong. The festival is one of those rare occasions when cosplayers can express themselves.
Before getting on the central stage, a cosplayer looks at herself in a small mirror
As Japan is a great source of inspiration, cosplayers love to wear the Japanese school girl uniform, which is cute and formal
Four young ladies practice their dance moves before making their way to the stage
Under the heavy fabrics and immerse heat, a cosplayer sweats a lot. Dedication and passion help him overcome the discomfort.
Adapting the fantasy world of manga in the real world is not an easy task. Cosplayers innovate to make it work and bring this fantasy in the real world.
The 2LOVE cosplay singing group presented a wonderful show, with singing and dancing, which the crowd strongly appreciated
Dressing up and undressing as a cosplayer often take hours of dedicated and passionate work




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