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CSR is a focus in NS BlueScope Vietnam’s operations

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Social corporate responsibility (CSR) is no stranger to the Australian-invested NS BlueScope Vietnam which has been active in the local market for more than two decades. CSR is even placed in the focus of the coated-steel manufacturer’s operation while pursuing sustainable development.

An integral part in business strategy

“After 30 years active in Vietnam, NS BlueScope Vietnam has developed a far-reaching value chain in the steel industry, from end-users to contractors, design consultants and suppliers. The company has prioritized sustainable development throughout its value chain,” said Dang Thanh Hung, Deputy General Director of the company.

In fact, NS BlueScope Vietnam has launched CSR activities from day one. The company has conceived and implemented many CSR initiatives for the community, environmental protection, labor safety, assistance for partners to enhance competitiveness, production of environmentally-friendly products, as well as creation of a safe and happy working environment for workers.

Positive impacts on the community

At NS BlueScope Vietnam, CSR activities are performed annually either under a long-term plan, or on an ad-hoc basis upon the demands of society. 

It is noteworthy that NS BlueScope Vietnam has formulated a short-term roadmap spanning 12 years from 2018 to 2030 to reduce carbon emissions by 30% on its products. With a vigorous commitment to the community and environment protection, the company has managed to upgrade its strategy on climate change resilience with a goal to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

To mark the COP28 scheduled for November and December this year, NS BlueScope Vietnam has launched many initiatives towards sustainability. The program “Hợp Sức Chung Lòng – Phủ Xanh Tương Lai” (Joint Effort for a Green Future) is one of such initiatives. On June 6, 2023, NS BlueScope Vietnam and 13 partners and customers made donations to help plant more than 7,000 casuarina trees in the coastline protective forest in Long Hai Town of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, with an aim to prevent landslides and improve the green border protecting local residents.

In addition, NS BlueScope Vietnam collaborated with partners, customers and agents to build what it terms as Love Roofs, and after seven years, this annual program has handed over 350 roofs to disadvantaged people nationwide.

Also with an aim to back the community, NS BlueScope Vietnam has been a pioneer in launching initiatives to minimize labor accidents in the construction industry. For many years now, NS BlueScope Vietnam has developed a community to share experiences via numerous workshops nationwide to improve labor safety in the industry.

Green production

Sustainable manufacturing has emerged as a new trend in developing markets, but to attain this goal, manufacturers have to comply with more stringent standards. Such a trend ushers in new opportunities but also brings challenges to enterprises to improve themselves so as to integrate in the global playground.

NS BlueScope Vietnam, therefore, has conducted scientific studies to upgrade technology in the country’s coated sheet industry. The company is the only coated steel manufacturer owning the Activate™ technology, which is the microstructure of four phases with self-sealing effect for superior corrosion resistance. This technology helps protect steel structures even in harsh weather conditions, thus improving projects’ lifespans. 

NS BlueScope Vietnam is also the first and single manufacturer of coated steel products that have all been awarded the Green Label by Singapore Green Building Council. It has also signed agreements with strategic partners to develop architectural solutions for energy balance, helping Vietnam’s architecture sector to approach the global level in this respect.  

Interestingly, NS BlueScope Vietnam is making efforts to become the first steel brand in Vietnam winning the “Responsible Steel” certificate right in 2023. “Responsible Steel” is an international set of standards regarding Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance for the steel industry. The imminent certificate mirrors NS BlueScope Vietnam’s commitment to sustainable development in Vietnam, as well as its aspiration to other manufacturers in the industry to choose this pathway.

“At NS BlueScope Vietnam, CSR activities are not merely commitments, since they are integrated in our business strategy. We hope that, as a pioneer in community and environmental protection endeavors, we can catalyze other enterprises to raise awareness and change behaviors to create a business community pursuing sustainable development for the good of society,” said Deputy CEO Hung.

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