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Danang introduces post-pandemic tourism recovery scenarios

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HCMC – The central city of Danang is making efforts to boost its tourism sector post-Covid-19 and develop the tourism-driven economy, with two post-pandemic tourism development scenarios being mapped out for the next five years.

In the first scenario, the pandemic is expected to be brought under control in Vietnam by the end of this year, and the country would manage to conduct a Covid-19 vaccine trial on people and introduce a Covid-19 vaccine in the market starting from the second quarter of 2021.

From the beginning of 2021, the central coastal city will adopt drastic measures to concurrently fight against Covid-19 and bolster economic growth by introducing tourism stimulus programs and coordinating with other localities over tourism recovery.

Under this scenario, tourist arrivals to the city next year would reach some 60-70% of the 2019 figure. Of this, the number of domestic visitors would be some 90% of the figure recorded last year, while that of international visitors, who are chiefly officials, experts and employees, is predicted to hit 30% of the 2019 figure.

In 2022, after international flights are resumed, the total number of visitors to Danang could be equal to the 2019 figure at 8.6-8.7 million arrivals.

By 2015, tourist arrivals to the city would be 1.4 times higher than the 2019 figure at 12.3 million, including 4.2 million foreign tourists and 8.1 million local travelers. Further, the city is set to earn VND61 trillion in tourism revenue, rising twofold versus the 2019 figure.

Under the second scenario, wherein the disease would be contained in the country in the first quarter of 2021, the Covid-19 vaccine trial would be done in the last quarter of 2021 to prepare for production, but tourists would still show a lack of confidence in the country’s efforts to combat the disease, domestic tourist arrivals would be some 55-65% of the 2019 figure and the volume of international tourists would remain modest at 5% of the figure.

In addition, the city would resume international flights but only serve foreign passengers who are officials, experts and employees.

From 2023 to 2025, most international flights to/from the city would be reopened and more new tourism products would be introduced. Until 2025, the number of tourists could be 1.3 times higher than the 2019 figure to reach 11.6 million arrivals and the tourism turnover could total VND54 trillion.

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