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Developing Tra Su into world-class tourist site

By Lan Anh

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As life is always full of worries, which sometimes make us feel suffocating and tired, why don’t we seek a place to set our mind at ease, at least for once?

Tra Su cajuput forest, which is located to the west of the Hau River and features the romantic and peaceful beauty, is a good choice. Coming to this masterpiece of nature, you can enjoy a stunning green picture and cool climate. To escape from the obsession with Covid-19, a tour named “following the trend – fleeing the city for the forest” will be interesting and help boost the development of ecotourism.

Lost in an eco-tourist site

Nature has bestowed huge natural resources to Tra Su cajuput forest, so the forest has been considered a “gold mine” for the ecotourism sector. The special atmosphere and hydrosphere in the cajuput forest and the rich land make Tra Su a kingdom of rich tropical flora and fauna in the southwestern region.

Environment, culture and social civilization cannot be sacrificed for the economic growth, as nature is readily vulnerable. Taking a loving care of each creature and respecting the ecological environment prove a humane attitude and a cultured behavior to surrounding entities.

That underlying principle has been respected at the tourist site. The investor of Tra Su understands how deforestation has resulted in damaging consequences to the global tourism sector. Tra Su cajuput forest can be considered a solution to the balance of the economic growth and the nature preservation. Developing tourism products meeting green tourism standards is completely appropriate in all periods.

Tran Minh Tri, CEO of An Giang Tourimex, said this was a driving force opening up multiple opportunities for the tourism sector given changes in the demand of customers, who now prefer destinations close to nature and worship activities. This is a chance for An Giang’s tourism sector to resume after a suspension, and offer visitors safe and interesting tours.

A girl shows her beauty in a mysterious green space

Solutions to preserve Tra Su cajuput forest

To realize the potential of and preserve natural resources in Tra Su cajuput forest, the An Giang government has issued Decision 2674/QD-UBND approving a project to develop ecotourism, hospitality tourism and entertainment activities in Tra Su cajuput forest in the 2021-2030 period. The project is aimed at protecting typical and special natural landscapes of the ecosystem.

The point of view of living from hand to mouth should be eliminated to ensure the sustainable development of the tourism sector. Natural resources should be used effectively and the biodiversity, such as cajuput trees, aquatic creatures and wild, rare and valuable birds, should be preserved.

Free on their land

Facilities which have earned records of Vietnam, including the longest bamboo bridge in forest and the most beautiful and well-known cajuput forest in Vietnam, have made Tra Su cajuput forest more special. The stylized design features the interaction with the landscape. Local materials have highlighted typical characteristics of the tourist site, which has gained the interest of tourists and become an attractive destination for the youth.

Other facilities in the cajuput forest are also extremely attractive, such as a radiant bridge, a wharf, white dove cages featuring the European architecture, a bird watching yard and a colorful flower garden, allowing visitors to freely take photos.

Convergence of man-made and natural beauty

In Tra Su, the natural beauty of the forest will help tourists feel peace of mind and arouse their emotions. Tra Su cajuput forest deserves to be developed to meet international standards, encouraging An Giang Province and the investor of the tourist site to nurture their desire to achieve higher objectives. The two sides are joining hands to create a happy and prosperous life for local residents and spread the internal and external beauty of the cajuput forest across the border.

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