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Diamond Lotus Riverside – Symbolic design at Vietnam Green Building Week 2022

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On October 13, Phuc Khang Corporation welcomed a delegation of roughly 60 members as representatives from ministries, agencies, organizations, associations, businesses and the press, to visit its Diamond Lotus Riverside green building project.

The event was among a series of the Vietnam Green Building Week 2022 activities under the theme “Promoting green buildings: Towards the goal of realizing Vietnam’s commitments at COP 26.”

Some 60 members of the Vietnam Green Building Week delegation visit the Diamond Lotus Riverside green building project

The Vietnam Green Building Week is a prominent event in the construction industry that aims to promote green architecture development. It is held annually by the Ministry of Construction, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) and relevant agencies.

This year, the green week took place on October 13 to 14, with many field trips arranged for delegates to visit notable green projects.

Located on Le Quang Kim Street, Ward 8, District 8, HCMC, the Diamond Lotus Riverside luxury apartment building met gold-level criteria in both the LEED standard developed by the U.S. Green Building Council and a Lotus provisional certificate awarded by VGBC.

The building marked the first high-end real estate engagement of Phuc Khang Mitsubishi Corporation Holding, a joint venture between Phuc Khang and its Japanese-based partner Mitsubishi Corporation. The Diamond Lotus Riverside was chosen as one of two constructions to welcome delegates from the Vietnam Green Building Week 2022, thanks to its remarkable quality of a refined green building project.

In a total area of 16,800 square meters, the project’s construction covers 3,200 square meters, or a construction density of a mere 19%. With over 760 apartments available to customers, the project has three blocks connected by two rooftop bridges, with two basements and 22 floors, two for commercial and 20 for residential use.

Phuc Khang Corporation has minimized the building area, creating a three-fold area of green space comprising the ecosystems along the riverfront, in between the blocks, and on the rooftop and the balconies.

During the Diamond Lotus Riverside field trip, the delegation was introduced to model apartments and facilities that are designed in accordance with green building requirements. Particularly, the project includes parking spaces with preference for disabled people and low-emission vehicles.

Also, the blocks were built to provide favorable microclimatic conditions for residents in terms of light, heat, sound and water use, as well as a wide range of additional features that promote a comfortable living space. Additionally, delegates from Vietnam Green Building Week 2022 enjoyed fascinating design architectural details of the project that are inspired by Vietnamese culture.

Interestingly, the delegation got the opportunity to explore the Park of Sustainability, which stretches 300 meters along the banks of the Doi Canal. In an effort to provide a decent and sustainable living environment for future generations, the investor has managed to conserve trees and local ecosystems as much as possible. By the end of 2021, Phuc Khang Corporation reportedly protected over 70 mid-sized and large trees and created a diverse ecosystem on 2,000 square meters of the park area. Many trees and plants of various sizes and types have been found growing in the park. It is the preferred location for cultural events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, in addition to providing a comfortable environment for residents. Traditional arts like don ca tai tu, cai luong and water puppetry are also performed to preserve and promote national values.

The project’s major green features are introduced to the delegation

The Diamond Lotus Riverside has achieved renowned certifications and earned positive expert reviews as a result of following green building requirements consistently. The project was given LOTUS Provisional Certificate by the VGBC in October 2021, putting it on pace to achieve the golden rank at its full level. On March 15, 2022, the Vietnam Real Estate Online Magazine (Reatimes) and the Vietnam Institute of Real Estate Studies (VIRES) named the Diamond Lotus Riverside one of the top five best green-smart building projects in 2021.

The Diamond Lotus Riverside also attracts experts and researchers to explore the project’s green design. In addition to focusing on technical aspects, the investor has aimed to build an environmentally-friendly and warm-hearted community. The efforts have been demonstrated following the CSR initiatives pursued by Phuc Khang Corporation like supporting COVID-19 vaccination, providing clean vegetables and promoting green lifestyle. The company frequently organizes community cleanup activities to ensure a healthy, happy and sustainable community.

The Diamond Lotus Riverside project has adhered to conditions of healthcare and convenience, which are in accordance with green building standards. The project has seen positive results in terms of energy and water savings. Diamond Lotus Riverside’s green characteristic may be found in a variety of aspects, as listed below.

1.      51.11% of energy consumption reduction compared to the baseline

2.      41.7% of water usage reduction compared to the baseline

3.      15.4% of the total roof surface covered in trees

4.      100% of the space having natural light

5.      100% of the space having natural ventilation

6.      100% of the space having an outside view

7.      100% of the irrigation system reusing water

8.     21.6% of the space area limiting the urban heat island effects

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