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Discovering Nam Luc Waterfall in Lai Chau

By Dang Huy

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Nestled deep within a primeval forest with rich and diverse vegetation, Nam Luc Waterfall is a captivating destination for visitors eager to explore its untouched beauty. The cascading tiers of the waterfall resemble a silken ribbon amidst the vast mountains and forests of Lai Chau.

Nam Luc Waterfall is located in Nam Luc 2 Village, Phang So Lin Commune, about 40 kilometers from the center of Sin Ho Village, Lai Chau Province. The waterfall originates from the groundwater artery of Hai Ho Stream, flowing through several mountain ranges. As it passes through the area of Nam Luc 2 Village, the steep slopes and erosion caused by the flow, along with the local geological terrain, have formed the breathtaking waterfall seen today.

With a height of over 140 meters, Nam Luc Waterfall is divided into three consecutive tiers. The highest tier stretches about 50 meters in length. From this tier, visitors can admire another branch of the waterfall spreading out evenly, resembling a soft white silk ribbon that stands out amidst the greenery of the surrounding vegetation.

The waterfall lies amidst lush green mountains and forests

The waterfall is surrounded by a system of primeval forests with diverse and lush vegetation, creating a refreshing natural landscape. Due to its remote location and challenging access, Nam Luc Waterfall remains relatively unknown to many tourists. To reach this hidden gem, visitors can trek along the stream up to its source leading to the waterfall. For mountain climbing enthusiasts, hiking through the primeval forest and following the rugged mountain slopes provides a thrilling journey to the waterfall.

The best time to explore Nam Luc Waterfall is on dry, sunny days, allowing visitors to engage in adventurous activities. Upon arrival, visitors can immerse themselves in the stunning natural landscapes, breathe in the fresh, pure air, and feel the cool, clear water. They can also experience the peaceful sounds of the mountains and forests, where all weariness seems to melt away.

In addition to Nam Luc Waterfall, tourists should explore other notable sites in the area, such as Da O Mountain, Ong Tien Cave, and the ancient tea hills, which all contribute to the region’s charm.

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