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Dragon dancers before the show

By The Ky

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HCMC – Vietnamese dragon and lion dances hold a special place in cultural celebrations like the Vietnamese Lunar New Year and the Full Moon Festival. However, the mesmerizing performances seen in public are the result of meticulous rehearsals behind the scenes, where performers hone their craft to showcase this symbol of cultural pride.
A dragon dance costume leans against the wall, patiently waiting for its moment to shine
The costumes come to life as dancers begin their rehearsal
Dancers refine their coordination, perfecting the synchronized movements essential to the dance
Many dancers seamlessly incorporate kung fu techniques into their dance movements

Lion masks stand in a row beneath the warm glow of yellow lights, ready for the upcoming performance
Dancers are lifted into the air, a crucial step in presenting the lion head onstage

Lion costumes vary in weight, ranging from 4.5 to 14 kilograms depending on size and construction
Dancers take a well-deserved break, recharging their energy before the performance
Despite hard work and effort, smiles never leave the dancers’ faces as they prepare to entertain audiences

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