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Elevating brand strength through twin transition

By Ngoc Nhu

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The journey of brand development is a meticulous endeavor that demands unwavering commitment and investment from an entire organization. Establishing a distinct and robust brand, while effectively harnessing its power, constitutes a substantial challenge for any business. The inevitable trend The concept of the “twin transition” has emerged as a pivotal trend reshaping the business landscape, differentiating forward-thinking companies from their counterparts. This insight was shared by Ngo Phi Phung, strategy expert and director of Metta Marketing, during the “HCMC Gold Brand 2023” talk show hosted by The Saigon Times on December 8. Phung said that an increasing number of businesses are embracing the green transition, especially following the Vietnamese Government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. While the digital transition remains a challenge, it has seen significant development, with numerous businesses achieving notable successes. The impetus for digital transition has intensified in the post-Covid-19 era, driven by the growth of e-commerce and social platforms. The convergence of digital and green transitions, known as the “twin transition,” now represents a fresh market demand. Businesses that recognize the opportunities in this trend and invest in making the transition will enhance their brand positioning in the market and in the hearts […]
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