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Exploring the enchanting stone park

Photo by Nhan Tam

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Situated approximately 30 kilometers northeast of downtown Phan Rang – Thap Cham City, the stone park belongs to the Nui Chua National Park, recognized as a world biosphere reserve in the scenic south-central province of Ninh Thuan. This unique park is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting an array of captivating stone formations and distinctive trees.

The park’s authorities say that the granite blocks found here were shaped nearly 100 million years ago. Over time, extensive weathering has sculpted these granite terrains into a breathtaking assortment of forms. Depending on the imagination of each visitor, the stones may take on the appearances of elephants, fish, human statues, chairs, and more.

A visit to the stone park offers the chance to marvel at the sea’s beauty from elevated vantage points, inhale the crisp, invigorating air, and bask in the sheer grandeur of Mother Nature—a truly wondrous experience.

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