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Exploring the pristine wilderness at Lan Ty Mountain

By Gia Nghi

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Lan Ty Mountain in Lang Son, resembling God’s Eye Mountain in Cao Bang, attracts tourists who come to experience the thrill of abseiling and to admire its pristine and majestic landscape.

Lan Ty Mountain is located in Lan Ty Valley, Huu Lung District, Lang Son Province, approximately 120 kilometers from Hanoi. Tourists typically spend nearly two hours traveling from Hanoi to reach the mountain. Nestled within the Huu Lien special use forest, Lan Ty Mountain remains an untouched destination that has not been widely developed.

The mountain features a large hole piercing through both sides and stands at nearly 500 meters above sea level. Climbing from the foot to the summit takes about an hour, offering tourists a panoramic view of Lan Ty Valley and the surrounding mountains. From the peak, travelers can abseil about 20 meters down to reach the large hole in the mountain and capture stunning photographs.

Due to its challenging and hard-to-reach terrain, Lan Ty Mountain maintains its rugged and pristine charm. Besides mountain climbing, tourists can immerse themselves in the untouched wilderness of the mountain forest, enjoying the fresh and cool atmosphere.

A visitor captures photographs of the Lan Ty Mountain

The landscape surrounding Lan Ty Mountain changes with the seasons, adding to its enchanting beauty. The best time to visit is during the summer when the valley at Lan Ty Mountain fills with water, transforming into a vast and deep lake. Summer also brings pleasant weather, ideal for outdoor activities.

Visitors can engage in exciting outdoor adventures such as mountain climbing, abseiling, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, trekking, cave exploration, and camping amidst ancient forests.

For a safe and enjoyable trip to Lan Ty Mountain, visitors are advised to book tours with professional agencies rather than traveling independently. When exploring Lan Ty Mountain, they should adhere to regulations concerning forest protection and environmental conservation. It is important to take safety measures seriously, carry an adequate supply of drinking water, light snacks, and necessary equipment to ensure a healthy journey.

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