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Exploring the stalactite castle in Quang Binh

By Dang Huy

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Tien Son Cave is often hailed as a stalactite castle, enchanting visitors with its majestic beauty, crafted by layers of stacked stalactites forming unique and captivating shapes.

Located in Phong Nha Town, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Tien Son Cave is nestled about 45 kilometers from the city center. While it shares proximity with Phong Nha Cave, they remain separate entities within one grand system, often referred to as the twins of creation. While Phong Nha Cave is embraced by water, Tien Son Cave is a dry wonder.

First discovered by locals in 1935, Tien Son Cave has since garnered attention from scientific researchers and archaeologists, enticing them to delve deeper into its mysteries. By the year 2000, it opened its gates to the public, evolving into a beloved tourism hotspot, attracting tens of thousands of visitors annually.

To reach the cave’s entrance, visitors must conquer nearly 600 steps, a journey adorned with picturesque natural vistas. The path winds through rice fields, cornfields, sugarcane fields, and lush forests, setting the stage for an enchanting adventure. Upon ascending the steps, visitors are greeted by the mesmerizing beauty of Tien Son Cave, adorned with thousands of illusory colorful stalactites. Inside, marble columns of unique shapes create an ambiance akin to a magnificent palace. Further exploration reveals million-year-old caves adorned with shimmering stalactites in diverse forms.

The majestic beauty of Tien Son Cave, known as the stalactite castle

Stretching over 980 meters in length, only 400 meters from the entrance are accessible to visitors. The remaining 500 meters constitute an underground reef, with depths reaching ten meters, reserved for the most adventurous explorers.

Tien Son Cave boasts a distinct feature compared to Phong Nha Cave: resonant stone slabs and columns. Gently tapping them produces eerie sounds resembling the ringing of gongs or echoing drums, adding to the cave’s mystical allure.

For those embarking on this journey of exploration, comfortable attire, waterproof slip-resistant shoes, and sun and rain protection gear are recommended. Additionally, adhering to the regulations and guidelines of the tourist area ensures a safe and enjoyable visit.

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