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Filling terraced rice fields with water

Text & photos by Hai Duong

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The period between late June and early July is a busy time for ethnic minority communities in the northwestern upland as they prepare to grow a new crop in their terraced rice fields. This is the peak rainy season, earning it the nickname “the season of pouring water into the terraced rice fields.”

From vantage points atop high mountains, one can witness the breathtaking sight of terraced fields winding from the valleys to the mountain peaks. The fields, filled with water, resemble mirrors reflecting the clouds in the sky, while in other areas, farmers diligently plant rice seedlings in the fields.

A picturesque scene with terraced rice fields, vibrant water, lush green seedlings, and majestic mountains
Terraced rice fields nestled among imposing mountains
The green color of seedlings gradually covers each field
Plowing the fields to collect rainwater
Continued plowing of soil after the fields are filled with water
Fields gradually flattened by the combined efforts of people, buffaloes, and cows
Ethnic minority women bring their children to the fields
Wooden handles dragged across the fields to ensure evenness
A field ready for planting
Farmers work diligently in each field
The area dedicated to growing seedlings in a northwest village
Clearing the grass to promote healthy rice plant growth
Each plot of field exhibiting an elegant curve
Children join their parents in the fields during summer vacation

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