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Floating in the clouds on Pa Phach Peak

By Nguyen Phong

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Tucked away amidst the sprawling expanse of Moc Chau Plateau, Pa Phach Peak emerges as one of those awe-inspiring cloud-chasing gems that remains a secret to most travelers.

Pa Phach Peak is located in Pa Phach Village, nestled within the heart of Dong Sang Commune, roughly 12 kilometers away from the bustling center of Moc Chau Town in Son La Province. The village perches atop a steep mountain, encircled by limestone ranges and dense, untouched forests. It is a realm inhabited by the Thai and Green Hmong ethnic groups.

Pa Phach Village stands out as an irresistible stop in Moc Chau’s exploration circuits, for it offers a serene tapestry of natural beauty, vibrant and full of life. Adding to its allure, the village dons a different floral ensemble with each season. Aside from delving into local life and savoring distinctive delicacies, chasing clouds up Pa Phach Peak promises a thrilling adventure.

Pa Phach Peak offers the perfect canvas for travelers to explore trekking, cloud chasing, and the mesmerizing theater of sunrise and sunset

The journey leading to Pa Phach Village might raise some heartbeats, as travelers navigate through successive vertical cliffs. But fret not, the path to this cloud-conquering haven is quite accommodating. A brief stroll of just a few hundred meters reveals the enchanting panorama of drifting clouds. From this vantage point, you can also admire Pha Luong Peak, the crowned jewel of Moc Chau, sitting at an elevation of nearly 2,000 meters above sea level. The cloud-chasing comes in two distinct zones, yet the outer peak serves up a closer and clearer view of the clouds for visitors.

Do not expect lavish lodgings at Pa Phach Village, as tourism has not fully bloomed here yet. Instead, you will find warmth in the form of homestays offered by the villagers – an experience that leaves an indelible mark. Nestling into the rustic daily rhythms and traditions is an enriching experience. It is a chance to truly immerse in the heart of local life and understand the intricacies of their culture.

The climate in Pa Phach remains refreshingly cool year-round, thanks to its enveloping forests. This makes it an ideal playground for adventurers seeking treks, cloud hunts, and the magical moments of sunrise and sunset.

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