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Fluke Vietnam Tour 2024: Driving Innovation in the Industrial Sector

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On June 18, 2024, Schaeffler Vietnam, the motion technology company, in partnership with Fluke Vietnam and Unitek, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Fluke Vietnam Tour 2024, an event focused on driving innovation and excellence in the industrial sector.

The tour, consisting of a series of seminars and interactive sessions held across 9 provinces and cities in Vietnam, provided attendees with valuable insights and solutions for enhancing industrial maintenance and quality assurance. Through expert-led discussions and hands-on demonstrations, participants gained practical knowledge and strategies to address the evolving challenges faced by manufacturing industries.

Revolutionizing maintenance: Schaeffler’s breakthrough solutions unveiled at Fluke Vietnam Tour 2024

At the Fluke Vietnam Tour 2024, Schaeffler Vietnam highlighted its latest solutions revolutionizing industrial maintenance. Their OPTIME Condition Monitoring simplifies predictive maintenance for equipment and machinery, ensuring smooth operations with its user-friendly interface and predictive algorithms. Complementing this, Schaeffler’s Prolink CMS offers comprehensive monitoring for critical equipment, integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

Moreover, their smart lubrication and maintenance systems, coupled with advanced installation techniques like induction heating, optimize efficiency and reliability across various applications, from shafts to gears. Notably, automated lubrication systems equipped with CONCEPT and OPTIME C1 products mitigate up to 80% of premature bearing failures, demonstrating Schaeffler’s commitment to proactive maintenance. By leveraging these innovative solutions, manufacturers can enhance productivity, minimize downtime, and achieve long-term cost savings. Schaeffler’s technology solutions work effectively in factories in the fields of: F&B, Cement, Steel and many other heavy industries.

“We are thrilled with the overwhelming success of the Fluke Vietnam Tour 2024,” says Nguyen Van Tiep, Head Of Sales, Schaeffler Vietnam. “The event exemplifies our dedication to driving innovation and excellence in the industrial sector. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives like this, we are paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future for the manufacturing industry in Vietnam.”

Schaeffler’s participation in the Fluke Vietnam Tour highlights its commitment to driving Vietnam’s industrial advancement through the latest technologies and strategic partnerships. For example, in Hai Phong, where heavy machinery and port operations are pivotal, Schaeffler’s solutions optimize efficiency and reliability. Similarly, in Can Tho, central to agriculture and food processing, Schaeffler’s innovations drive modernization and productivity gains. By focusing on customer excellence and digital transformation, Schaeffler aims to add significant value to customers, partners, and the broader industry, demonstrating its dedication to enhancing Vietnam’s industrial landscape.

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