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Foliage season in the border region

Text and photos by Hai Duong & Ha Cuong

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In the early days of winter, when the cold wind blows from the north, the leaves from the forests of the northernmost mountainous province of Cao Bang change color, marking the start of the foliage season. Tourists are inspired by the beauty of the forest by the Ban Viet Lake in Phong Chau Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang Province.

Hundreds of hectares of maple trees, all turning yellow and red by the blue lake, create an impressive scenery. Tourists are led to believe they are in Japan, South Korea or Europe.

The leaves of maple trees begin to turn yellow and red
The forest leaves change color, creating a beautiful picture in the border region
The beautiful leaves as they change color!
The forest is as enchanting as a fairyland
In early winter, the leaves gradually change color before falling
The beauty of the forest inspires people
The red leaves sway with the wind
The foliage season brings back nostalgia and memories
A path running through a forest of red leaves
The old maple leaves enter the foliage season.
The impressive, misty scenery of the lake in the early morning
Ban Viet Lake is exceptionally beautiful in the foliage season.

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